BOC Image Consultant

Breeda O'Connell is a professional Image Consultant, who has worked with style events across Ireland such as RTE Today Show and popular boutiques. She aims is to empower women through their clothing and makeup, by tailoring what works for them, resulting in improved confidence and overall wellbeing. ‍Breeda was aware of the importance of building a business online. She knew a website was the next step to finding her ideal clients. She wanted somewhere she could showcase her services, including the option to book online through the website. ‍

After discussing her brand goals, I used a webflow integrated site to suit her aesthetic, which was both functional and visually pleasing. Another important factor was the availability to modify and update the website with new insights and tips that she planned to share. ‍Through great communication and storytelling using professional photography, the website began to come together. ‍Breeda has since upgraded to also taking her business to the next level, in-house clients. ‍

"I am thrilled with the results of his work!"